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I felt I'd lost my energy, says comic PJ

COMEDIAN PJ Gallagher has revealed that he has revived his love for live stand-up shows by taking his jokes overseas.

The Dubliner has said goodbye to TV projects, in favour of performing in front of live audience again.

He told the Herald that he's enjoying a new lease of life, since taking on a string of gigs in the likes of China and Canada.

"It's hard to go outside Dublin for more than few weeks at a time, I'll never properly move away, but it was something I needed to do to make me actually like stand-up again," he said.

"I felt like I'd lost the energy you need to make it fresh, I had to try something different, a different venue and people instead of the same thing over and over.

"It worked, I'm happy – obviously I was ridiculously nervous at points, because taking to the stage in Montreal in front of loads of French speaking people had me thinking, 'are they even going to understand me?', but they turned out to be among the best audience I've ever had."

PJ is known for his TV hit Naked Camera and charachter like the dirty auld wan.

Last year he brought it to Channel 4 under new name Trojan Donkey, but the impersonator said it's now dead and buried.

"We decided not to do any more of it straight after the shoot," hesaid.

"I hated being away from home for so long and it was never going to be the same outside Dublin anyway."