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'I feel for the staff' says one dad as parents lodge complaint over rte filming

PARENTS have lodged a complaint with gardai over the unauthorised filming of their children at the creches involved in RTE's Prime Time programme.

Secret footage filmed by an undercover reporter identified children subjected to shocking quality of care at three creches.

The centres concerned are Giraffe Childcare, in Belarmine in Stepaside, Links Creche at Abington in Malahide and Little Harvard in Rathnew, Co Wicklow.

However, parents are concerned that their children were filmed by an undercover reporter without their consent.

The Herald understands a number of parents have lodged complaints with gardai over the unauthorised filming.

But Dublin parent Jarrod Bromley – whose child attends Giraffe creche – said parents were anxious about the accusations that were "flying around".

And he said that there are now issues in relation to data protection.


"I believe one parent filed a complaint with gardai about filming their child without consent," he said.

Mr Bromley said the staff at the childcare centres are shaken by the allegations. He fully supports the owners and staff amidst the furore.

"It is just disturbing," he said. "I'll be saying to the staff – I feel for you. It is a very friendly place, it is so upsetting and two of their colleagues are under suspicion. But that's all that (the company) can do – suspend the employees until they see the facts."

However, he said that there was some concern as to how an undercover reporter from the RTE managed to gain access to the creche.

"At the very least there should be some sort of screening," he said.

Mr Bromley said that he had "absolutely no problems" with his childcare provider. But he would like to see a thorough investigation and would like to see the footage.

"The issues there need to be addressed 100pc," he said. "But in fairness, I think the creches themselves need to be given time to make a response. They are not having any opportunities to defend themselves."

In response to parents' concerns about their children being filmed, an RTE spokeswoman said: "We are liaising with parents. We are, and will continue to be, sensitive to the understandable concerns of all of the parents in these creches."

- claire murphy