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I fear missing Daniel is dead says his sister

THE distraught sister of missing teenager Daniel McAnaspie fears her brother has been killed and is lying dead somewhere in north Dublin.

Her fears come after it emerged that gardai searched a massive landfill site in North County Dublin, amid fears that the teenager's body was placed in a bin.

Cathriona McAnaspie (20), from Ballymun, has been frantically searching the Blanchardstown area with the rest of Daniel's family and friends for the past four weeks.


The 17-year-old has been missing since February 26, when he was last seen at a house party in Whitestown Avenue, Blanchardstown.

His family fears he was attacked earlier that night when he became involved in a fight with partygoers.

His older sister told the Herald: "I think Daniel was hurt. I don't know who hurt him but I think it was the last person he was with that night.

"I fear Daniel was killed. And we believe he never left Blanchardstown. We're searching from morning to night. We're searching all around Blanchardstown and Whitestown."

It is understood that gardai searched a landfill site in Lusk, North County Dublin, as part of of the search for young Daniel.

Officers mounted a four-day search of the landfill site in the Balleally dump in Lusk.

One theory that gardai are believed to be working on is that Daniel's body may have been placed inside a wheelie bin, before unsuspecting refuse collectors took it away.