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I fear for children of Ireland

Jeremy Prince is spearheading a national campaign to ensure a 'Safe School' programme is installed in every school across Ireland.

Mr Prince, who is Patron of the National Anti Bullying Coalition (NABC), said he fears there will be more children who take their lives because of the effects of bullying.

"I do fear for children here but that is why the work of the NABC is so vital. If this campaign can save one child's life then we've achieved something," he said. "The first thing we can achieve is to raise massive awareness. Bullying is something that can affect and damage lives. It can take lives. It cripples people for life. "The second thing we need is a reasonable and regulated anti bullying programme into every school in Ireland."

Mr Prince has been working closely with Monica Monahan, president of the NABC, for several months. Education Minister Ruairi Quinn has sanctioned the establishment of a national forum to discuss how to tackle bullying.