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I drowned my sons, says dad

a man drowned his two young sons after kidnapping them and their mother as they walked to school, police say.

Naim Muhammad (32) told murder detectives in Dallas, Texas, in a videotaped interview that he drowned the three-year-old and five-year-old boys in a remote area.

The drownings happened about nine miles from where Muhammad was arrested, hours after the boys' mother reported the kidnapping.

TV's Craig gets threats letter

A threatening letter was sent to talk show host Craig Ferguson, containing a white powder that turned out to be harmless.

Police in Los Angeles declined to discuss the nature of the threat against the Scotland-born talk show host, saying only that it came in an envelope sent from overseas.

Two people at CBS Television City, where The Late Late Show is filmed, were temporarily held in isolation after being exposed to the powder.

How your job dictates hols

Jobs can dictate where people take their holidays, with bankers likely to head to New York and estate agents going to Spain, says a study.

A survey of 3,000 adults also revealed that doctors and airline cabin crew headed for the Caribbean and lawyers mainly went to France.

Shopoholics feed their spending bug in the United States, while farmers often switch domestic animals for wild ones on a Kenyan safari, according to the research.

Greg Dawson, of Virgin Atlantic, who did the poll, said: "Budgets, interests and level of relaxation required are all influenced by what we do for a living."

Crush cyclists, rants radio host

A RADIO host has been criticised after calling on motorists to run over cyclists.

Mexico City's environment secretary said the comments were "backwards".

DJ Angel Verdugo said on the Reporte 98.5 station that cyclists had almost run into his car and and urged listeners to "run your vehicles at them immediately". He added: "Don't give them time to think, and crush them".