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'I don't want clients to be obsessed with scales,' says fitness guru Helen

HEALTH and fitness expert Helen Walsh has 25 years' experience and is bringing her knowledge to the masses with her new personal training business.

The business woman (inset) is using her background in psychology and counselling to help people set healthy goals - and achieve them.

"I'm really conscious to train people in a healthy way. I don't want my clients to be obsessed with the scales," she told the Herald.

In the past Helen has worked with some famous names, including U2, to help them get trim and healthy. Now she wants to make personal training affordable for all.

"It's very cost-effective for people. I provide everything from workouts to health and nutrition advice," the Sandymount-based trainer said.

"There is no point in giving someone a standard workout. I tailor everything to a client's needs. I could nearly tell by looking at people what their diet is like and how they work out."

In addition to her fitness business, the Dubliner also encourages people to help her give back to the community.

Through an initiative called Pass It On, she encourages her clients to donate items they no longer need so she can pass them on to needy families.

"I meet so many people through my classes, so if I can help others by passing on things through different charities, great" she said.

To help her establish her business, Helen was supported by Inner City Enterprises (ICE).

ICE is a charity organisation that has been helping Dublin-based businesses get off the ground for more than two decades.

Details of all services provided by Helen are available at www.helenwalsh.ie