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I don't think Roz is going to be impressed ... but at least we broke the record

VOICE of Ireland star Bressie had a close shave yesterday, quite literally.

The singer-songwriter had his mop chopped for charity and he admitted that it will take some getting used to for his loved ones, including girlfriend Roz Purcell.

Bressie, who is an ambassador for cancer support charity LARCC of which his mother is a director, took part in Today FM's Shave or Dye event and will split all proceeds from his hair raising antics between LARCC and the Irish Cancer Society.

"My mother was delighted because it's highlighting LARCC she just didn't want me to do the Mach3 job I did last time. I wasn't able to get into clubs and there were scars all over my head, which didn't help matters.

"It's going to take ages to grow back so I might keep it shaved for summer. But I will probably start growing it back for the Voice because you have to take continuity into consideration. You don't want to look like some thug sitting in a chair with a shaved head."


And the ex Blizzards frontman said that he much prefers his skin head look to the floppy, groomed hairstyle of his Voice colleague Kian Egan.

"Any man who dyes his hair at that age... there is only so much slagging he can give out with his floppy, GHD hairstyle," Bressie told the Herald.

Bressie was among 179 people who had their heads shaved for a good cause during a live broadcast of the Ray D'Arcy show yesterday.

Radio host Ray and producer Will Hanafin also lost their hair as they broke their fifth world record for Today FM's Shave or Dye.

€250,000 has already been raised for the campaign in aid of the Irish Cancer Society to date this year, with thousands of events still to take place around the country.