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'I don't really watch RTE News anymore', says Anne


Anne Doyle

Anne Doyle

Anne Doyle

She was one of Ireland's most recognisable presenters as anchorwoman on RTE News but Anne Doyle has said she rarely watches the programme that made her famous.

The Wexford woman (64) departed the series in 2011 after 33 years and prefers to get her news from the airwaves.

"Amazingly, as a woman that would have been a bit of a technophobe, I mainly get my news on the phone. I am more of a radio person, I wouldn't see the television as much," she told the Herald.

"I see the Six O'Clock News occasionally, I would throw an eye onto young Eileen [Dunne] to see if she's behaving herself and she always is."


Anne joined RTE in 1978 after having several other jobs, including working as a librarian and a stint in the Department of Foreign Affairs.

She believes her broadcasting career was something of an accident and admitted she studied as a way of delaying entering the world of work.

"I was a librarian for a year and I was in the Department of Foreign Affairs for a few years. I trained as a teacher, I did anything that would have postponed work. It was in the era where there wasn't free university education but I had a grant," she said.

"I never really put myself out. I certainly would have been an accidental broadcaster. In fairness, I've been accidentally most things, but it's been a happy sort of accident-proneness."

Anne has mostly stayed away from the small screen since retiring, but is still seen at social events with her partner Dan McGrattan.

She recently dispelled speculation that she would be returning to Montrose for Dancing With The Stars, joking that she "can't dance for toffee apples".