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'I don't know when I will get home'

THOUSANDS of passengers affected by the second sudden closure of Irish airspace were today trying to make alternative arrangements to complete their journeys.

Dublin Airport was eerily vacant because most of the passengers who were due to fly this morning had been alerted by their airlines of the disruption. But for the few that had not found out about the cancellations there were anxious moments at check-in desks and the sudden realisation that they were not going to be flying today.

One young mother who was hoping to get back to Poland found herself stranded by the volcanic ash for the second time.

"I had been due to fly to see my parents on April 20 but couldn't because of the ash cloud, so I booked again for today," Paula Nusilowska told the Herald.

"But now I find out that the plane is not going today either. I don't know when I will get home," she added as she fed her 13-month-old son, Casper.

"I have booked again for Saturday, but we will see what happens," said Paula, who has been living in Kildare for four years.

Also due to fly on the 9.20 Ryanair flight to Gdansk was Joanna Zurawicka.

"I am very disappointed now because I don't know when I will get home," said Joanna. "I am in a refund queue at the moment, but I will call my parents now and see what I should do," she added.

The ash cloud had one silver lining, however, for couple Robert and Gosia Zaglewski. "I have been working in Intel in Shannon for five months and Gosia came to visit me this weekend," Robert explained. "And now she will have to stay a few more days because she cannot fly until Thursday."