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I chatted with ghost of dead president in gaol's museum

THE resident medium of Wicklow's historic gaol has claimed that he came in contact with a deceased president of Ireland.

Dublin native Declan Flynn told the Herald that he had a paranormal encounter with Erskine Childers, who died in 1974 just over a year after taking office.

While the former president did not comment on the result of last week's election, he insisted that he did not want to be forgotten.

Childers asked for his portrait to be restored to its original place of prominence in the gaol, according to Declan, who hopes that he will get another chance to talk with the deceased Fianna Fail politician.


"In the gaol last week, former president Erskine Childers came through because he was a prisoner in the jail for one night, I think," he told the Herald.

"I wasn't expecting him to come through at all, I was in the museum -- there's one place where we don't normally do anything -- and we [Declan and Wicklow Gaol's staff] felt as if we had to try an experiment.

"I tried to do a little test with the spirit, I had cards and an envelope with 21, 11 and two jokers and I wanted him to bring the glass to where the 21 one was. I got the camera crew that was there to shuffle the cards so I wouldn't know where they would be, but the spirit didn't want to do that. He wanted to get his picture back up on the wall. He told me it was locked away and he brought the glass to where he wanted it to hang up."

Meanwhile, thousands of supernatural enthusiasts applied for an opportunity to engage with the gaol's troubled spirits in the last fortnight.

The haunted site collaborated with Xtra-Vision and Paramount to offer three paranormal fans or sceptics, an overnight ghost hunt for two people at the gaol.

The evening, which will take place in coming months, will be led by Declan Flynn, as well as psychic couple Keith and Angie Freeland.

It will also include a VIP limo pick-up, a gourmet four-course meal at Wicklow Town's Grand Hotel to restore the nerves after the investigation, and finally a night at the 19th century hotel.