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I can't wait to see Daithi and our dog Kiki again


los angeles

los angeles

los angeles

I've been home since October and while it will be bittersweet to leave Dublin, I'm looking forward to going back to LA to my husband, Daithi.

Daithi made it back at Christmas but I'm so excited to see him and our dog, Kiki.

I'll miss home but I'm looking forward to the wonderful weather in LA.

I've always loved the heat and walking outside my front door in a t-shirt.

I love hiking in the hills around our house so I can't wait to get back because I miss the outdoors.


LA is great but it's very different to Ireland.

Power, money and fame are really important to people over there and I think that Irish people place less importance on those things.

We're also way better craic, there's nothing I miss more than the wit and the banter of Irish people when I'm in America.

I work a lot with the ISPCA and so when we moved to LA and I got my visa and knew we'd be here for a while, I was determined to get a rescue dog.


We went to a shelter here in LA and that's where we got Kiki who is a mix of a Maltese and a Poodle.

When we got her she was vicious and in a terrible state but she's unrecognisable now.

She's like a little lamb but we have to be careful when we're walking her because we live near a wilderness where there's lots of coyotes and they're quite dangerous.

We even saw a mountain lion one time so we can't walk her too early in the morning or too late at night because that's when the coyotes are most likely to be around.