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I can't wait for my TV acting debut to air - Andy cracked me up on Damo and Ivor set

Former Miss Ireland Aoife Walsh is set to make her acting debut on RTE2's Damo and Ivor tonight.

The Tipperary native revealed to the Diary how much she's looking forward to appearing in the smash hit comedy.

"I'm just so excited and it was a really cool experience. Obviously Damo and Ivor is a comedy so it was just so much fun and literally laugh-out-loud moments on set and Andy is so funny," she said.

"You know when you're there and you're listening to the one-liners and the script and you're actually just keeled over laughing, it's so funny so I had a lot of fun."

Aoife (25) will appear in the series finale tonight where fans will see Spuddy and Tracy get married, and viewers will finally learn which one of the twins is the father of Sarah Jane's baby.

"I am playing one the girlfriends of the main characters but I can't say who," Aoife revealed.

And the beauty queen can't wait to find out who the dad is like the rest of the show's fans.

"I don't know who the father is but I'm very excited to find out who the daddy is," she laughed.

While she's busy working as one of Ireland's top models, Aoife admits that acting is something she would love to pursue.

"Acting is definitely something that I'd like to do more of, so I was delighted to get this opportunity," she said.

"So hopefully it's only the start and I can do more stuff like that in the future because I really, really enjoyed it," she added.

Aoife is in high demand both at home and abroad and her fly-on-the-wall documentary with China's main broadcaster CCTV about her experiences modelling in a foreign country is still on the cards for 2015.

"It's still happening but it's been moved back until around March because they want to do it for Paddy's Day," she revealed.

"I was supposed to be going out next month but they really like the idea of Paddy's Day and it's all still in talks so fingers crossed," she continued.

"I've been back and forth to them already and I'm really excited about it because I never thought I'd get the opportunity to travel with this. Hopefully that will happen coming into the new year," she said.