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I can't find time to do my shopping


Mary Murray

Mary Murray

Mary Murray

I've started to gather stuff for a little Christmas party I'm doing for kids I teach, but apart from that I have no Christmas shopping done.

I have a feeling that I'm going to end up putting the decorations up and doing loads of shopping on Christmas Eve because I don't have any time before then.

I can't go shopping in between shows because there's so much make up for my character that I think it's just easier to stay in the theatre rather than leave between shows and then have to apply it all again when I get back.

Plus I'd have to prepare my hair for wig caps and all that kind of thing again. It's all very time consuming and that means that I can't really get much shopping done before Christmas Eve.

It takes ages to get into costume - I get into the theatre before 10am and the first show starts at 11 and that's just enough time to get me dressed and do all my hair and make up.

Then there's lots of quick changes into different fabulous costumes during the show. There's people back stage to help with that but the initial preparation takes well over an hour.