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I am just trying to protect my family, says feud 'Boss'

THE leader of a family who has been involved in a violent dispute in Finglas has told the Herald that he will do everything in his power to protect his relatives.

The dispute has seen a full scale riot, petrol bomb and pipe bomb attacks as well as a number of serious assaults this week alone.

Today Michael Collins (39), from Avila Park, Finglas, who has been nicknamed The Boss, told the Herald: "I will do everything in my power to protect my family -- we are prepared to stand up against the intimidation that we are suffering.

"Your newspaper has been calling this a feud -- I reject this completely. As far as I am concerned this is about my family getting justice against who we consider to be a troublesome family that have been intimidating us.

"They are trying to destroy our community -- we want to see these people behind bars where they belong. We are prepared to work with the gardai and elected representatives to let this happen."

Tensions remain high in Finglas with a special garda operation in place to tackle the growing violence. However there were no incidents linked to the bitter dispute overnight.

In the latest serious incident linked to it, the army bomb disposal team were called to the Cappagh Road, Finglas, after a pipebomb exploded when it was thrown through the window of a house. No one was injured in the attack and it is understood that the house was empty at the time.

The pipebomb attack happened close to where the scene of a riot on Sunday evening in which at least two people were hospitalised and three men were arrested.

A vehicle crashed into a wall and sources say that a gang used spades, hurls, sticks and axes to attack the car and its driver, who required hospital treatment.

In another incident a young man was knocked down by a car while there are reports of a number of separate assaults.

Today Michael Collins admitted that some of his associates were involved in the riot.

"Yes we were. We had to fight back -- we are sick of the intimidation. Before that all broke out, two car loads of men were driving up and down the road intimidating us and threatening us with pipebombs."