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I almost died when car was hit by lorry, that's why I don't drive - Roz


Roz Purcell with boyfriend Bressie

Roz Purcell with boyfriend Bressie

Roz Purcell with boyfriend Bressie

Rozanna Purcell has opened up about nearly losing her life in a terrifying collision with a truck.

The former Miss Universe Ireland said that she suffers from huge anxiety as a result of the crash and has been unable to get her full driving licence as a result.

She said even though the accident happened a few years ago it still affects her greatly and she's still nervous of travelling on motorways.

"I was in a really bad crash on the motorway about four of five years ago," she said.

"I wasn't driving, but I was caught underneath a lorry.

"It was me and my eldest sister and we were driving home one weekend.


"It was really wet roads, so the lorry - we were in his blind spot - and he came across and we got caught underneath the front of it and we skidded for about half a kilometre."

They managed to walk away from the accident without a scratch, but she said it was one of the scariest moments of her life.

"So we were really lucky as the car was a complete write-off, but me and my sister were completely fine.

"I was really like 'This is it, I can't believe I'm going to die in a car crash'," she added.

"It's a very strange sensation. The lorry clipped us from the back and we spun on the road underneath it and it feels like such slow motion."

She has battled to get over the crash and said it has left her with a fear of driving.

"I know that you can never always be in control. So you could be a great driver and someone else mightn't be," she said.

The author of best-selling cookbook Natural Born Feeder said that she was "so embarrassed" that she was 25 and still couldn't drive.

She said she's been on her provisional licence for the past number of years, but hasn't been able to progress any further.

"I've done loads of lessons. When I was 16, 17 I was driving around the farm no problem at all, but it's just this really bad anxiety I get when I even think about driving," she told Anton Savage on Today FM.

Savage has now challenged her to learn how to drive by enlisting the services of a driving instructor called Dave, who has vowed to get her ready for her driving test.


As well as getting to grips behind the wheel, the model has also been chosen as a mentor on RTE One's new culinary competition The Taste of Success. She is already working hard on her second book after the huge success of her cookbook, which is now in its third print run.

"I'm doing another book and doing bits and bobs with TV, so I'd really like to branch outside Ireland. I guess I pick my jobs now," she said.

'I'm going to be starting the second book, so I'll look outside here for that.

"It will still be healthy, but the concept will be a little different."