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Hurricane heads for US after killing 21

HURRICANE Sandy raged through the Bahamas early today after leaving 21 people dead across the Caribbean.

Now it's following a path that could see it blend with a winter storm and reach the US east coast as a super-storm next week.

Sandy knocked out power, flooded roads and cut off islands in the storm-hardened Bahamas as it swirled past Cat Island and Eleuthera.


Sandy, which has weakened to a category one hurricane, caused havoc in Cuba, killing 11 people in eastern Santiago and Guantanamo provinces as its howling winds and rain toppled houses and ripped off roofs.

Authorities said it was Cuba's deadliest storm since July 2005, when category five Hurricane Dennis killed 16 people and caused $2.4bn damage.

Sandy also killed one person while crossing Jamaica and 10 in Haiti, where heavy rains from the storm's outer bands caused flooding.

Forecasters have warned that Sandy will likely mix with a winter storm to create a monster storm in the eastern US next week whose effects will be felt along the entire Atlantic coast from Florida to Maine and inland to Ohio.

Sandy, which crossed Cuba and reached the Bahamas as a category two hurricane, is expected to maintain its category one status for several days.