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Luke McCaffrey's lucky number is definitely 11.

The sports-mad schoolboy from Roganstown, Co Dublin, celebrates his 11th birthday tomorrow -- on the 11th day of the 11th month of 2011.

And when Luke lined out recently with his Fingal Ravens team to win the U-11 league, he was, naturally, wearing the Number 11 shirt.

His mum, Una Molloy, says of her Millennium baby: "He was due to be born on November 9, but it was November 11 by the time he arrived in the Coombe Hospital."

And when Luke finally made his appearance, it was just a few minutes after 11am.

Luke's parents, cancer specialist nurse Una and oncologist, Mater Hospital Professor John McCaffrey, had just spent several years working in Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital in New York, and Luke already had an American-born brother, Dan.

About six months ago, the family realised that all the 11s would line up for Luke's birthday this year.

"It probably should have dawned on me when he was born but I don't think that far ahead," Una said.

Luke's "whole world" is Fingal Ravens football and his large medal collection recently saw the addition of an U-11 gong, she said.

Although the jerseys were handed out randomly on the day of the final, the number 11 was on Luke's back.

Luke attends fifth class in Rolestown National School with his best buddy Stephen Manning, but manages to find time to play hurling with the Wild Geese and is also a keen musician.

The highlight of this year for Luke was the Dubs winning the All Ireland final and he and Stephen recently got to meet one of their heroes, Bernard Brogan.

Manchester United fan Luke will celebrate his birthday with his parents, and siblings, Dan (14), Eleanor (8) and and Peter (5) and his Boxer dog, Juno -- but he says the festivities won't interfere with his badminton practice!

Luke's dream is to play for Dublin -- and to follow his two grandfathers into the Gardai.