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Hungary rallies against regime


Tens of thousands of Hungarian protesters have attended a rally expressing their opposition to the policies of prime minister Viktor Orban.

Speakers from several civic groups, united by the "I don't like the regime" motto, condemned a wide range of government measures, from restrictive media polices to changes in the tax system.

Balazs Denes, head of the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union, said the weak opposition parties in parliament, up against Mr Orban's two-thirds majority, were also responsible for the problems affecting Hungarian democracy.

Liberty statue gets a facelift

New York's Statue of Liberty is getting hi-tech gifts for her 125th birthday: webcams on her torch that will let viewers gaze out at New York Harbour.

Visitors will also be able to read the tablet in her hands or see visitors on the grounds of the island below in real time.

The five torch cams are to be switched on on Friday during a ceremony to commemorate the dedication of the Statue of Liberty on October 28, 1886.

Bank robbers

kill policeman

Armed robbers in northern Nigeria attacked a police station and robbed a bank, killing one police officer.

The attack happened in the city of Saminaka in Kaduna state. State police commissioner Balla M. Nasarawa said the robbers burned down the local police station in the attack, killing a police inspector in the fire.

Mr Nasarawa said the robbers took all the money from a branch of First Bank PLC, destroying part of that building as well.

US dismantles

huge N-bomb

The US will this week dismantle the last of its Cold War-era B53 nuclear bombs, the most destructive weapon in the country's arsenal.

The 10,000lb bomb is the size of a minivan and contains about 300lb of high explosive surrounding a uranium core.

Dismantling nuclear weapons is part of President Barack Obama's goal to reduce the role of atomic weapons in US national security