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Hundreds of €1 coins stashed in bushes

THE owner of a stash of hundreds of €1 coins is being sought by gardai.

The large number of coins were believed to have been stolen in a break-in at the premises of a business or a charity.

The coins were found stashed in bushes in Lucan.

"We believe the coins were stolen and we want to contact the owners," a garda spokesman told the Herald.


A person out walking near St Edmundsbury Hospital on the night of June 5 discovered the coins, stored in a Bank of Ireland plastic bag and a box and dumped in bushes.

A young man was seen running from the area.

"These coins were certainly not left there by accident. Nor did they fall out of someone's pocket," said the garda spokesman.

"We would appeal to businesses in the area or local charities in trying to find the owners of the coins to carry out a check.

"The coins would have been obtained by a business from a bank," he said.

Gardai are satisfied the coins did not come from any of the local church collections as no burglaries were reported at religious institutions in the Lucan area.

Examinations were carried out on the items, involving several hundred coins.

Gardai are inviting the rightful owner of the box, bag and coins to contact them at Lucan garda station at 01-6667300. Alternatively, contact the garda confidential line at 01 666 111.