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Hundreds caught by cameras will still face fines

HUNDREDS of motorists who face fines and penalty points for speeding in the new 30kph zone will not be let off despite the looming U-turn.

Some 70 drivers were caught in just one half-hour period after gardai stationed a mobile Gatso unit on Wood Quay when the new limit was first introduced with hundreds more caught throughout the first days.

The unfortunate motorists now face the prospect of penalty points and higher insurance premiums for breaking the 30kph limit. They will also be fined €80.

The Department of Transport said these motorists will be treated no differently to other drivers. It said motorists who try to appeal the speeding conviction risk getting four penalty points.

Before 7am on February 1, the Herald witnessed a series of camera flashes from the back of the Gatso van stationed outside the City Council headquarters on Wood Quay.

The 30kph limit applies within an area from Bolton Street on the Northside to Kevin Street on the Southside.

It also stretches from Church Street and Bridge Street in the west to Gardiner Street and Dawson Street in the east. It had been in place already in pedestrian-heavy areas like Clarendon Street and South William Street.

Conor Faughnan of AA Roadwatch told the Herald it is "ridiculous" to hand out penalty points for exceeding 30kph on the quays.

"It will be unfair but we're just going to have to live with it," he added.

Mr Faughnan said the council was seeking to solve a problem "that doesn't exist".

"We are plagued in this country with poorly set speed limits. We have country boreens that have 80kph signposts on them and that just brings speed limits into disrepute," he said.

One of the first 'victims' of the new measure declared she was extremely unhappy.


"I'm really quite upset. I had been watching my speed earlier but as I drove past the garda van, I was flashed," said Lisa Dowdall, speaking at the wheel of her silver Hyundai car at 8am.

Lisa had driven past a garda with a speed gun on Wellington Quay and had continued her journey along the quays until she encountered a Gatso van parked outside the Civic Offices on Wood Quay.

"I saw the flash. I looked down at my speedometer and saw I was doing just over the 30," she said.

The garda vehicle remained in position during the morning, emitting frequent flashes as cars and vans accelerated away from traffic lights on Capel Street Bridge.