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Huge gaps in city/rural dental costs

GETTING a tooth taken out by a dentist is costly in Carlow, but cheapest in Cavan.

Patients looking to snap up a bargain smile from having their teeth cleaned should head to Foxrock in Dublin where the treatment costs as little as €17, but avoid Dublin's city centre where the same treatment can set you back up to €150.

And getting your teeth whitened in Kerry could send your bank balance into the red.

This is because a new survey has revealed wide variations in the cost of dental care between different counties.

Prices for achieving that perfect smile vary so much that they have been described as a lottery.


The survey found that the cheapest average price for dental consultations in the country is Co Westmeath at €28, while Co Cork is the most expensive at €64. The average cost of consulting a dentist in the 26 counties is €45.

Consumers have been warned that having a tooth taken out could be financially as well as physically painful. An extraction costs on average €50 in Co Cavan but is almost double that in Co Carlow at €93. Across the nation, dentists are charging €76 to take out a tooth.

Teeth whitening in Co Kerry costs an average of €388, more than double that of Co Westmeath at €159, the survey by WhatClinic.com, a Dublin-based private healthcare search engine, found. The most expensive check-up was found at a Westport clinic. A check-up in the Co Mayo town is 16 times the price of the cheapest, found in Limerick and costing just €10, according to the survey.