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Hozier reveals his love for his 'man bun'


Hozier with Taylor Swift

Hozier with Taylor Swift

Hozier with Taylor Swift

Hozier's long hair is not to everyone's tastes but the singer has revealed why he now ties up his long tresses into a bun.

The Bray native admits he adopted the hip look out of necessity rather than by choice.

"I'll be absolutely honest with you, it was maybe some time last year that I discovered what a man bun was," he admitted.

"My hair grows into a fuzz ball - I just wanted it to grow downwards rather than outwards, but then I realised I couldn't play guitar with it that way.

"I couldn't do anything day-to-day without my hair getting in my mouth or my eyes or my food, so I just started tying it back, long before I knew what a man bun was," he added.


The 24-year-old is currently on a high after his performance with Annie Lennox at the Grammys and he admits there are plenty of other stars he would love to collaborate with.

"One of my biggest influences of all time would be somebody like Tom Waits," he said. "David Bowie is another huge influence. I'm also a big fan of St Vincent and Leslie Feist."

Hozier - real name Andrew Hozier Byrne - also admitted that he never expected his first single, Take Me To Church, to become such a hit.

"I thought it would be appreciated by a very small audience. I wrote it about two years ago, just sitting down at the piano and stumbling across a cord," he told InStyle magazine.

"I didn't think it would be a radio hit or chart at home or abroad."