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Hozier parties with Hollywood stars in New York

He's become a global music sensation, and now Hozier is rubbing shoulders with Hollywood stars.

The Wicklow singer of the huge hit Take Me To Church has revealed that he hung out with stars such as Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd earlier this month.

Hozier, who's real name is Andrew Byrne, performed on Saturday Night Live and partied with the stars afterwards.


"It was obviously a big deal, it was a dream come true for me," he said.

"I was able to enjoy it. I was nervous and live TV is stressful, but by the time you do the rehearsals you get comfortable.

"I managed to party a little bit. There's a Saturday Night Live after party usually. We had to fly to LA the next day.

"People like Seth Rogen was there and Paul Rudd, I was star-struck yeah," he admitted.

Hozier (24) also revealed that his US tour has been hectic, but he's loving every minute.

"It's going well, America has been very good to me, these shows are all really exciting and fun and the crowds are really supportive," he said.


"The tour doesn't really end until Christmas. I'm really looking forward to the Irish gigs coming up.

"I'm going to take a bit of time and maybe not make plans. I'm going to chill out. It will be Christmas so I'll have a lot of shopping to do," he added.

Meanwhile, the singer admitted he was shocked to learn his debut album beat U2's Songs of Innocence in the Irish charts.

"It's been crazy. It was exciting. It was a really good feeling to hear you are doing so well in your home country. I was over the moon."