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Howth is where the heart is for Donal


Donal Skehan

Donal Skehan

Donal Skehan and Sofie

Donal Skehan and Sofie


Donal Skehan

Donal Skehan and his fiancee are saving to buy a house in Howth.

The TV chef and his Swedish fiancee Sofie Larsson have been renting a home in the north Dublin seaside suburb for more than four years.

But now they have decided they want to buy and become permanent residents of the area.

Donal (28) and Sofie, who got engaged on a visit to Paris in May, are saving to buy a home and pay for their wedding next year.

While Donal concentrates on bringing the joys of creative cooking to the public, he relies on Sofie to take care of the finances.

He told a Sunday newspaper: "Sofie is keeping me under serious budget constraints."

But the couple do not feel under pressure to make a quick purchase because of rising house prices in Dublin.

"We've been renting for the past four or five years and are lucky because the rent has stayed the same," said Donal.


"The urge to buy is due to the stage we're at in life rather than what's happening in the market.

"We like living in Howth, so we want to buy around here. We don't expect to buy in the near future, but we're saving with a view to doing it."

Donal also revealed he was recently the victim of card fraud in London when money was stolen from his account.

He told the Herald recently he is scheduled to travel to Vietnam this month to film a new cookery show to be broadcast by the Food Network in the UK.

He said that on an earlier trip to Asia he had some interesting culinary adventures, including eating grilled rat.

He said: "It was barbecued. I know it sounds gross, but it was absolutely delicious."

On his return from Vietnam he will begin his Spar Kitchen Hero Live Tour of Ireland.

"Cooking on-stage and involving the audience isn't something that's happened in Ireland before," he said. "It's an unusual idea, but it works.