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How we can all look a bit like Posh...without the bump

A LEADING Dublin department store has confirmed that it will exclusively sell Victoria Beckham's new affordable fashion range in next spring.

The Herald can reveal that the new line, named simply 'Victoria', will be stocked in Brown Thomas when it hits the shops early next year.

Victoria's new collection will be the must-have for any seasoned fashionista -- especially with its lower price tag.

Items from her range will start at €330 -- not exactly a snip but better than the thousands of euro clothing from her range usually costs.

Details and designs from the upcoming line were announced earlier this week by the expectant mum herself.

Brown Thomas is aiming to have the new items in its stores early next year.

"Brown Thomas will be stocking the Victoria by Victoria Beckham diffusion line exclusively in Spring/Summer 2012.

"Unfortunately we have no further details at this point," a representative told the Herald.