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How to view your scripts

All exam candidates will receive a personalised application form with their exam results, which they may use to apply for permission to view their scripts. If they wish to view one or more scripts, they should return these forms by next Tuesday, August 23, to the school where they sat their examination. No fee is charged. The dates for viewing scripts are Friday September 2 and Saturday 3.

If a candidate has any anxiety about a paper, or feels that their grade does not reflect what they believe was their performance in the exam, it may set their minds at rest to have a look at the script.

If students are considering getting a subject rechecked, they should view their scripts first. The usual reason for seeking a recheck is that students hope to be awarded a better grade.

No. Although students may be accompanied by one person when they are viewing their scripts, no one may do it on their behalf.

It is a good idea to ask someone who is a good judge of the necessary standard in the exam, who understands marking schemes and so on.

This usually means that subject teachers are in high demand at this time. A parent is not generally familiar with the standard required, so may not be much of a judge.