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How to get some new Christmas style from old party leftovers

YOUR old Christmas party dress, an outdated jumper and the reams of wrapping paper bought last year can all now be updated and recycled for a new festive outing.

Experts will be on hand at Ikea Dublin this weekend to identify money-saving and recycling tips for consumers.

Models Holly Carpenter and Karena Graham showcased key pieces from designer Carrie-Ann Moran's collection ahead of the sustainability fair at Ikea, from 10am to 4pm tomorrow.

Energy consultants, gardeners and fashion experts will advise on customising, recycling and saving money.

Other green activities include energy-saving workshops, gardening advice and eco gift wrapping.

Carrie-Ann said we need to rethink our buying habits when it comes to clothes.

"The textiles element is an area where we need to look at how we use and recycle – 250,000 tons go to landfill each year," she said.

"Rethink what you're throwing in the bin. Man-made fabrics produce methane toxins when dumped in landfill.

"The fashion industry has been one of the last to be recognised for its environmental impact, but it has a role to play."

Carrie-Ann, who works at Rediscover Fashion at the Rediscovery Centre, said we are more aware of buying quality over quantity.

"Consumers are more conscious of their purchases now," she said.