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How the world's media covered Ireland's landmark 'Yes' vote


THE world's media was focused on Ireland this weekend as the tallies rolled in for the marriage equality referendum.

From New York to New Delhi the news that Ireland has passed the same sex marriage referendum with a 62pc majority made headlines.

In the New York Times the result was described as a "resounding victory for the gay rights movement" which would place the country "at the vanguard of social change".

The Observer in the UKsplashed the news of the vote on its front page on Sunday with a headline that read: "Ireland gives huge backing to same sex marriages".

The paper quoted Minister for Health Leo Varadker who described the vote as a "social revolution".


Across the globe attention was focused on Ireland with the story leading the BBC's World Service on Saturday.

The Washington Post, CNN and The Wall Street Journal were among the flagship news organisations covering the result and the reaction over the weekend.

In Europe the result, the reation and the street parties were all featured in papers across the continent.

The Sydney Morning Herald moved the story on with a story on Sunday that detailed politicians Down Under calling for a similar move.

Elsewhere, as part of their referendum coverage, the Times of India published a story on their website about Niamh Herrity and Aoife Doyle who are now planning their wedding.