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How other mums add pressure to pregnancy

Mothers feel "pressured" by other mums over issues surrounding the birth and upbringing of their children, a study suggests.

Some 85pc of mothers feel that other mothers can be "cliquey" and judgmental.

And two-fifths of mums believe that their friends who are mothers are coping with parenthood better than they are, according to a survey by TV programme Daybreak and parenting website Netmums.

The study, which saw more 6,119 women questioned, also found that four out of five mums were sleep deprived and 76pc felt guilty that they did not spend enough time with their children.

The ITV programme plans to highlight the issues of parenthood during their Bringing Up Baby week, which starts today.

Siobhan Freegard, co-founder of Netmums, said: "We hear about these issues anecdotally every day so it's fantastic to be able to pull the experiences of our members into one place and get a snapshot of the challenges and experiences of being a 21st century mum.

"Every mum struggles from time to time and every mum has her own experience of motherhood -- so it's great that during Bringing Up Baby week we can share our highs and lows, raise any issues we have and help each other to find solutions."