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How Mannix became toast of New York

DUBLIN councillor Mannix Flynn's latest play -- supported by Hollywood star Gabriel Byrne and Liam Neeson -- has been going down a storm in New York.

The one-man play is about a young man preparing to give evidence about institutional abuse.

Cllr Flynn says he has been inundated with messages from people who have been touched by the message in James X.

"It's fascinating. I've been receiving a lot of emails and invitations to talk about the situation in Ireland," he told the Herald. "I've been having a lot of conferences and meetings with various organisations. I was asked to speak at the Centre of Constitutional Rights who are taking legal action against the Vatican.

"It has had a profound effect, but for the better.


"The everyday punter is coming to see the show and out of this piece begins the process of finding a solution," he added.

Leading US theatre review site Theatre Mania praised Flynn as a "masterful actor".

"Flynn vents his outrage in an 80-minute tirade wherein the adult James O'Neill has been summoned as a witness to the Commission to Enquire Into Child Abuse," the reviewer says. Cllr Flynn said that Ireland may hold the key for the US to come to terms with its own litany of abuse cases.

"It's a phenomenon we have been dealing with in Ireland. But in the US it doesn't seem to end," he said. "For them, this [show] gives them a progress on the issue. It allows them to uncover and discover their own personal truth and by that, move along."

The play finishes its run tomorrow.