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How I zoomed by traffic at 40kph -- legally -- on my bike

THERE is one way to beat the city centre speed limit -- get on your bike.

While cars, vans and trucks were crawling along Dublin's quays at 30kph, the Herald managed to fly past them at up to 40kph -- without breaking any laws.

Having donned a luminous jacket, I quickly found myself undertaking taxis, motorbikes and vans that were clearly making every effort to avoid the speed traps.


Starting my journey at Tara Street I headed west along the Liffey towards Wood Quay where the snap happy Garda Gasto van had been deployed.

Along the way I managed to keep tyre to tyre with a delivery van, overtook a couple of taxis and easily stayed ahead of a Dublin Bus.

Being far from a fitness freak or a frequent cyclist, I wasn't expecting to set the speedometer racing but it turns out that 30kph is easily achievable with a bit of hustle.

The born-again cyclist in me was more than enthused by the joy of seeing bemused taxi drivers glaring out of their windows at my enviable pace.

As a regular city driver, I often find myself swearing (under my breath of course) at cyclists weaving in and out of traffic and my excursion suggests cyclists will be doing a lot more meandering through the city streets to avoid the stationary cars.

"There are no speed limits for cyclists," gardai say, adding that only way I would be stopped on the quays is if they thought I was cycling dangerously.

"If a cyclist is a danger to themselves or to motorists, maybe causing cars to swerve or something like, we would be able to sanction them."