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How I hid historic match ball up my top

A DUBLIN man captured the priceless match ball from Friday's famous win over Estonia.

Quick thinking James Doyle pounced first to grab the yellow ball after it found its way into the Irish section of the crowd.

A rush of enthusiastic supporters nearly ended up in a melee as they dived for the ball at the terrace end of the A La Coq Stadium.

"I'm just happy to have got it. It bounced around and I just grabbed it. I actually jumped on it," James told the Herald.

The Sallynoggin native had to hide the ball up his top in order to sneak it out of the ground without attracting attention from other fans or the Estonian security officials.


The party in Tallinn continued all weekend with many Irish fans not due to arrive back home until tomorrow.

Over 200 fans will land back in Dublin on a sold-out Ryanair flight at around 4pm tomorrow -- just in time for the second leg in the Aviva Stadium.

On Saturday night Tallinn was still awash with green as hundreds of Irish danced a conga line in the city centre.

Most of the pubs in the Old Town put on traditional Irish music sessions that didn't end until early on Sunday.

Gracious Estonians joined in the party, too, even trying their feet at Riverdance.

Riin Ungerson said: "We Estonians are happy to make it to this point. It's such a success for us. We love our team and they did so well."