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How I gave my brother new life with kidney op

A DUBLIN woman who risked experimental surgery to donate a kidney says she has given her brother a second life.

Cathal Mooney (31) suffered kidney failure in 2009 and was on the waiting list for a transplant when his sister Kate (28) stepped up.

She was determined to go ahead, but didn't realise until afterwards that she was undergoing pioneering keyhole surgery, carried out by medic Dilly Little.

"It was only when I went in to Beaumont for my final check-up that they said I'd be a perfect candidate for keyhole. They never said that I was the first," she explained.

Now four months after making national headlines, and ahead of Organ Donor Awareness week from April 2 to 9, she says there are absolutely no regrets.

"Because I had keyhole surgery the recovery has been much quicker," she told the Herald.

And Ms Mooney, from Marino said that Cathal "hasn't felt this good in years".

Ms Mooney was celebrating again this week after winning a competition with online fashion store Doo-Lally.com.

Kate was nominated by a friend for a day of pampering, including a new wardrobe and hotel stay, because of her touching story.