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How gun guard protects crime boss

He may be notorious as Dublin's bloodiest criminal but the Don's life too is under threat - and he takes no risks.

He's hired four bodyguards - at an estimated €2,000 a week each - to accompany him everywhere. The tiny crime boss sits in the back of the high powered Mercedes saloon flanked by two of the minders.

All wear bulletproof body armour - and semi automatic weaponry is only a call away.

For a recent meeting in the city's southside, the driver remained in the car, one bodyguard stood on the street, another at the door and the fourth accompanied the Don to the meeting, sources indicated.

"These guys don't come cheap. Sure they are part of the gang but the Don has only bought their loyalty," said a source of the bodyguards.

The ERU deployed on the streets of the westside last night are on the lookout for the Merc and the criminal's other fleet of cars and have orders to stop and search him as much as possible.

Meanwhile, his enemies know the Don could soon be behind bars.

Word on the street is that they are waiting until he is in prison to take him out.

"Then they will know where he is and that's when he will be taken out," said a well placed source today.

The crime boss, who has set up a lucrative debt collection agency for drug traffickers, is now increasingly paranoid as the threats mount.