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How Eurovision star Sinead found herself grounded

Ireland's former high-flying Eurovision contestant Sinead Mulvey has been taken from her duties with Aer Lingus because of the cabin crew dispute over rosters.

Sinead (23) from Clondalkin, Dublin, who flew the flag for Aer Lingus when she sang for Ireland in Moscow in 2009, has been taken off the airline's pay roll since last weekend.

The singer said: "I worked to my contract, and I'm still available to work, but the company don't want me to work. I'm in the Clarion Hotel at the airport everyday in uniform, ready for work, and now it's hurtful that they won't let me work.

"I just feel let down by them. To become an air hostess was always my dream. We're committed to our jobs, we're professional, and we treat our passengers well. This is quite surreal."

Sinead and her accompanying rock band Black Daisy from Limerick represented Ireland with their song Et Cetera, and at the time Sinead spoke to the Herald and told how she was even asked to sing over the intercom by passengers.

"I still kept my job when I came home from Moscow. And at the time I told the Herald that I loved my job so much that I wouldn't give it up.

"It's mad looking back at that, and now I don't know where I stand and the lack of job security is frightening. Luckily I don't have any dependents."

"When they said they were bringing in the new Greenfield plan on the 17th, and that we would be taken off the pay roll, I was going into work scared and wondering, am I going to be taken off. Then on Saturday it was my day."

But she added: "I did get publicity for them [during the Eurovision]. There were loads of interviews and at one stage I went into a photo with the CEO Dermot Mannion, and I was thankful for what they did for me."

The cabin crew members say they are prepared to hold out in the dispute, until they get a positive outcome for themselves.

"I come in here every day. We need to keep supporting each other. Everyone is positive and that's the way to be."