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How Dublin surgeon kept Jon Bon Jovi on the road

HE will take to these shores again to entertain 80,000 fans on June 15, but superstar Jon Bon Jovi's upcoming tour may not have been possible without the help of an Irish doctor.

The 50-year-old US singer has thanked his doctors after they operated on his knee and made the Because We Can world tour, due to kick off next February, possible.

Consultant orthopaedic surgeon Ray Moran, a brother of football great Kevin Moran, is credited with keeping the rocker on stage.

Bon Jovi explained how he had been told by a doctor in Finland that his world tour was over last year after he suffered a knee injury.

"I was devastated. So I rang my doctor in New York for a second opinion and he said the best surgeons for this were in Ireland."

Dr Moran at the Sports Surgery Clinic in Santry, north Dublin, was the man chosen to operate.

The operation was a complete success.

"I had been in a lot of pain, but that ended the afternoon I had my surgery. The surgeon really put my wheels back on. My knee has been perfect ever since."

Mr Moran said: "Jon was the perfect patient."