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How could they have killed my boy?

THE heartbroken mother of murdered Ciaran Noonan today asked: "How could they kill my son?"

Detectives were today confident of catching the three drug dealers who beat and then stabbed Ciaran Noonan (29) in a horrific murder.

The broad daylight kidnap and subsequent brutal killing have sent shockwaves through the city. “This is the extent of the crime problem in our city right now. A young man’s life snuffed out in the most violent manner possible for a small drugs debt,” said an investigator.

Today Ciaran’s mum, Geraldine, told the Herald of the toll the murder has taken on her and her family.

She described how she will never get to kiss her son goodbye but is just glad to have his body for burial.

Ciaran’s badly decomposed body was unearthed from an isolated Co Meath ditch on Friday night.

However, Geraldine Noonan says she feels that her family have "won" because they can give the father-of-one a proper funeral.

"It has been rough, but we have him back, we own him now," she told the Herald.

"We have his memories. My emotions are everywhere, I won't be able to kiss my son goodbye, but I feel like we have won. I just feel that I have him. It's like he was lost and now he is found."

Mr Noonan has a nine-year-old daughter who wasn't told of his abduction. Gardai at Store Street, in Dublin city centre, arrested a man in connection with the kidnapping and subsequent murder of Mr Noonan, but he was released without charge this morning.


It is believed three men were involved in his abduction on October 20.

He was dragged into the back of a black VW Golf after being chased down and beaten in East Wall with iron bars over a drugs debt.

The 29-year-old's remains were found at an isolated farm near the village of Drumree, Co Meath, after an informant provided gardai with directions to the site.

Members of the Noonan family visited the site on Saturday to lay flowers and are now preparing for his funeral.

"It was very hard to go to the scene," said Mrs Noonan.

"Ciaran's brother Damien had gone and I didn't realise we might be able to, so we drove out.

"It was a long drive, and it was hard. I had just missed him, the guard told us they had just taken Ciaran away. What words can explain it all?"

Mrs Noonan has also revealed the massive wave of support that she has received from her community.

Among those who made contact with her was Jackie Kenny, whose son James Kenny McDonagh (28) vanished after his burned-out car was found in Newcastle, West Dublin, on October 27 last year.

McDonagh, a van delivery driver from Islandbridge Court flats, was last seen driving his wine-coloured Mazda 626 at Bluebell in Dublin on October 27 2010.

Just like the case of Ciaran Noonan, it is believed he was murdered and his body hidden.

"I know how that poor woman feels, and I just want to tell her to try and be strong," said Mrs Kenny.

Today, Mrs Noonan thanked all the well-wishers and said that she now prays that Jackie Kenny can get her son back too.