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Housewives star Roz lets us take peek inside her stunning family home

DUBLIN HOUSEWIVES star Roz Flanagan has been showing off why she's one of the glamorous beauties on the TV series -- by giving fans a look inside her palatial Malahide home.

Until now, viewers have only managed to get a glimpse at the reality star's stunning surroundings.

And as these pictures of the mum-of-four show, she couldn't be more proud of her luxurious lifestyle and is happy to give audiences a tour of her home, which she designed herself.

In an exclusive shoot for VIP Magazine, Roz can be seen posing in a number of rooms at the posh residence, as well as smiling with three of her four daughters Melissa (27), Victoria (25) and 13-year-old Moniquea.

The Armagh native said she put a huge amount of time and effort into decking out the house, but is thrilled with the final results.

"I had a massive role in designing my home. When I moved to Malahide at first, Moniquea was six months old, and my eldest Melissa, was 15 years old, and the house was my other baby. It was extremely hard work. I was so busy, and it was very stressful, but I got what I was looking for in the end.

"My taste is classical and modern with a little bit of an Italian twist. It may not be to everyone's taste but it is to mine."


Roz, who joined with Lisa Murphy, Virginia Macari, Jo Jordan and Danielle Meagher in the Ballymount programme, says she was chosen for the series because of the normal life she lives.

"They wanted somebody who has a pretty normal life; married with children. I'm the one with all the kids on the show." And Roz, who is settled in the exclusive Abington estate with her husband of 28 years, Vincent, added that despite the designer clobber and lavish furniture, she's far from materialistic.

"I think anybody who knows me knows I'm not like that."

And she fully appreciates what she's got -- as it is a far cry from her own childhood.

"I come from a family of 11, three sisters and seven brothers. I didn't come from a wealthy background at all and with such a big family, I often wonder how my mother made ends meet."

For the full interview see VIP magazine.