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Houses evacuated in double bomb scare

ARMY bomb disposal experts have carried out two controlled explosions on separate suspect devices in west Dublin.

The alert was raised when calls were made to 999 at around 11.30pm last night from a person claiming two bombs had been planted.

One device was found at a shop in Parslickstown, while the second was planted at a private house in Cherryfield Close in Hartstown.

Gardai evacuated a number of houses in Cherryfield and Parslickstown while the devices were being assessed and dealt with.

The suspect bomb had been planted on the doorstep of a house in the Cherryfield estate, and beside the Centre Point shop on a residential street off Ladyswell Road.

Army bomb disposal experts were called to both scenes and carried out controlled explosions on the devices, which were later deemed to be elaborate hoaxes.

Gardai sealed off both scenes pending a forensic examination by members of the garda technical bureau.

In Cherryfield, a pane of glass was blown out of the front door of the house that was targeted and glass could be seen scattered across the driveway.

Residents were eventually allowed back into their homes after 3am when gardai declared the scenes safe.

In June 2007 a viable pipe bomb was found on the road very close to the scene of last night's Parslickstown device.