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House party pals attacked with knives, baseball bats

Two men were hospitalised after a house party went horribly wrong.

The pair were viciously assaulted by an armed group of men at the property in west Dublin.

It is believed that what was meant to be a casual gathering of friends quickly turned into a free-for-all, with groups unknown to the woman hosting the party showing up at the address.

The assaulted men, both in their 20s, were set on after attending the all-night party.

The incident happened in the Woodfarm Acres estate in Palmerstown last Sunday morning.

A male at the house, who was not known to either of the victims, was ejected from the property shortly after 5am following a brief exchange of words, having become increasingly drunk.

The man threatened to return with a gang after being thrown out.

He came back to the address a few hours later in the company of five men who were armed with baseball bats, pepper spray and knives.

The vehicle carrying the group pulled up outside the house shortly after 9am.


One of the injured men, aged 22, received stab wounds during the incident while the other, aged 23, was beaten with the bats and a metal pole.

The daughter of the homeowner was also threatened during the course of the assaults, but it is believed she was not harmed.

Ambulance services arrived at the scene shortly before 10am and transferred the injured men to the emergency department of Blanchardstown Hospital.

Officers from Ronanstown Garda Station were called to the scene by the paramedics.

Gardai are investigating the assaults, but no arrests have yet been made.

"One man is believed to have suffered blade wounds while another had suffered wounds consistent with a blunt instrument," a Garda spokesperson said.