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Hostel residents tell of scene 'like horror movie' after teen is killed by fake Xanax


Victim Amy Mannix

Victim Amy Mannix

Victim Amy Mannix

Residents of a homeless hostel where two women died and two men were left severely ill after taking fake Xanax tablets have spoken of their horror.

Tragic Amy Mannix (19), originally from Co Kerry, died on Monday morning.

Her death came less than 24 hours after Angela Andrea Kelly (44), originally from Portlaoise, was found unresponsive in her room at Clonamore House in Tullamore, Co Offaly.

Another male resident, Aaron Ging (23), is fighting for his life in hospital, while John O'Brien (32) the partner of Amy Mannix, is expected to make a recovery.

Gardai are investigating the possibility that another homeless man who died last week in Tullamore may have taken the same toxic black-market meds.

A resident of Clonamore House described the horrific scenes that unfolded on the premises and revealed another resident overheard Ms Kelly struggling for breath but was too afraid to alert management.

"The whole thing was terrible. I don't know what to make of it at all. Nobody can believe what has happened," they said.

"On Sunday at 2.30pm, the ambulance arrived and a doctor just a minute later. They all came rushing in, but she was dead unfortunately at that stage, the older lady.

"The guards arrived shortly after that, so we knew something bad had happened.

"Then the hearse arrived about an hour later.

"It's very sad. I was talking to a young lad and I asked him did he hear the woman or was she looking for help or anything.

"He said she was making peculiar noises. I said he should have alerted somebody. But he really didn't know what to do. He was sort of terrified.

"I said why didn't you let some of us know and we could have gotten her help?

"Everyone has their door locked in there. It's how people mind themselves. You would never really go to another person's room.

"The owners are the only ones with keys, so they are the only ones who can get into the rooms. It's awful sad."


The resident said everyone was still reeling from the shock of Angela's Kelly's death when tragedy struck again.

"The next day at around 8.30am the ambulance arrived again and then the hearse.

"It was shocking. She was a very young girl, it was terrible," they added.

"Then a little while later another ambulance arrived and picked up the two boys and raced off. At that point, you were kind of thinking when is this going to end.

"There are a lot of people very depressed and saying to themselves that they are sick of this old life. And it's awful thinking so much tragedy happened in this one place."

Another resident described the scene on Monday as "like a bad dream". "It felt like a horror movie. I just saw her remains leaving and the thoughts of that happening to one of my own kids hit me. It's so wrong."

"Your heart would really go out to her and her family."

Gardai believe the counterfeit medication, which is still being analysed, was purchased online.