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Hospital's troubled history

1998 -- Tallaght opens its doors and, from the start, has trouble managing its budget. Waiting lists rise.

Consultants' report criticises governance and management structures at the hospital. Department criticised for not providing adequate budget to Tallaght.

1999 -- Resignation of CEO Dr David McCutcheon in row over budget.

2002 -- Tallaght still finding it difficult to budget while pressure on services grows. ¤6m cuts are made.

2006 -- Tallaght loses to Mater in bid for new national children's hospital.

2009 -- Many cancer services at Tallaght are transferred to St James's and St Vincent's.

2010 -- It emerges that around 58,000 X-rays at Tallaght were unreported by radiologists. Also, nearly 3,500 GP referral letters were not processed.

Hayes' report on X-ray/referral letter scandal slams hospital management and governance and also blames staff shortages for backlogs.

2011 -- Tallaght finally revamps board and appoints new CEO -- the seventh in 10 years.

Hospital admits data breach from patient medical reports transcribed abroad.

Safety watchdog HIQA begins probe of Tallaght's A&E and orders it to stop putting patients on trolleys in corridors.