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Hospital treats 55 fractures in one day as paths ice over

When Dublin woman Ann Bass prepared to mark her 25th anniversary as an Irish Life employee, little did she know the celebrations would start with a rather painful bang.

Ann, from Queen Street in Smithfield, became one of the latest victims of the icy weather conditions yesterday morning when she slipped and broke her ankle.

Instead of a celebration in the office, Ann was whisked off to the Mater Hospital by ambulance where she endured a six-hour stint in the A&E department.

She told the Herald: "I was just on the way to work when I slipped on the icy pavement. I rang my daughter and she came down to me, and we got an ambulance."

Across the country the scene has been replicated. In 24 hours at the Mid Western Regional Hospital, Limerick, a total of 55 fractures were recorded.