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Hospital must pay boy €2.9m

A 10-YEAR_OLD boy who suffered catastrophic injuries at birth has settled a High Court action with an interim payment of €2.9m.

Coombe Hospital in Dublin, where Eoin Dunne was born, is also facing legal costs that could run to a further €2m.

The court previously ruled the hospital was liable for the injuries sustained by Eoin, of Seapark, Malahide, Co Dublin in July 2002.

Had Eoin been effectively ventilated nine minutes after birth, rather than at 17 minutes, he would probably not have suffered his devastating injuries, the court found.


Police called to sci-fi punch-up

POLICE were called to a sci-fi convention after a confrontation between costumed characters from rival clubs.

Trouble flared when members of the Norwich Sci-Fi Club were refused entry to a fair hosted by the Norwich Star Wars Club at the University of East Anglia.

More than a dozen sci-fi fans from both groups, including some in fancy dress, were involved in the fracas after a member of the Norwich Sci-Fi Club tried to get an autograph from Doctor Who actor Graham Cole.


Epilepsy link to autism found

A LINK between epilepsy and autism has been discovered for the first time.

Breakthrough research at the University of Bath found that adults with epilepsy have higher traits of autism and Asperger syndrome.

It found epileptic seizures disrupt the neurological function that affects social functioning in brains, resulting in the same traits seen in autism.

These characteristics include impairment in social interaction and communication as well as restricted and repetitive interests.


Midnight feast in supermarket

A BURGLAR was caught after having an overnight feast in a closed supermarket outside Louisville, Kentucky.

The store manager found 57 empty whipped cream cans when he arrived in the morning and Trevor Runyon (30) hiding in the ceiling.

Surveillance video showed he cooked and ate six steaks, washed them down with beer and then topped off his meal with shrimps and birthday cake.