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Hospital-cleaner mum slapped woman garda

A MOTHER-OF-THREE became violent and smacked a female garda in the face as her partner was being arrested during a "manic" situation at an inner city flats complex.

Vivienne Mills (35) set upon the officer when she saw the father of her children being arrested after he had been stopped on suspicion of loitering. She was convicted and fined €400 after a judge found her guilty of assault.

Mills, a hospital cleaner of St Teresa's Gardens, Dublin 8, had denied assaulting Garda Colleen Gallagher at the complex on July 10, 2012.

She admitted charges of garda obstruction and causing a breach of the peace.

Garda Gallagher told Dublin District Court she was on duty with Garda David Naughten when they saw a man on foot and a youth on a bike. They did not know who they were at the time, but they now knew them to be Mills's partner and son.

When the gardai went to stop them, Mills's partner Francis Daly ran up the stairs and they followed, catching up with him on the second floor balcony.


He became verbally abusive, Garda Gallagher said, and they went to arrest him. A group of around 10 people formed around them and it was a "manic situation".

Mills came up the stairs, shouting abuse, saying: "Get away from him, get your hands off him and f*** off." Garda Gallagher directed her back and put her arm out to block her passage.

"She struck out at myself with her hand and struck me in the face," Garda Gallagher said.

As she was arrested, the accused lashed out violently with her hands and feet and the gardai called for urgent assistance. Mills was restrained in the back of the patrol car as she was brought to Kilmainham Garda Station.

The accused said in evidence she had been out in the pub with her father and met Mr Daly and her son.

She went to talk to a friend, then someone told her the gardai had come. Her flat was above where Mr Daly had been stopped and she tried to get up.

She said she only began swearing when the garda would not let her up, then "tipped off" her as she tried to get under her arm. Judge Michael Walsh said he had no doubt the defendant had struck the garda.