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Horse head thrown in love rival's window

The chief suspect for organising a horse's head being thrown through his love rival's window is in jail for threatening a woman whom he thought had sold another horse without his permission.

Gardai have confirmed that they are investigating the disturbing horse head incident which occurred at a house at Parslickstown Avenue, in Mulhuddart, west Dublin, last Monday.

Officers are working on the theory that the jilted jailed man, who is aged just 22, organised for the severed head of the horse to be thrown through the window after his former girlfriend became pregnant by another man.


It is believed that associates of the jailed criminal killed the horse with a shotgun blast before cutting its head off with a saw.

The horse's head was then thrown through a window of the Mulhuddart property.

Gardai found the remainder of the horse's carcass close to a pond at the back of Tyrellstown Park last Friday.

Officers had spent days searching for it and the carcass was eventually recovered less than 500 metres from a pond.

It has emerged that the jealous prisoner, who was also jailed for drugs and other violent offences, became extremely angry when he found out about his former girlfriend's new relationship.


Gardai are now trying to trace the identity of the horse and they have sent the head and carcass away for analysis to determine if the animal was mirco-chipped.

A garda spokesman said: "Our investigations into this case are ongoing and we would appeal for any witnesses to the incident, or who might have any knowledge about this horse to come forward to us."

The suspect at the centre of the case is a reckless drug addict who has a severe alcohol problem and anger management issues.

Among his spate of previous criminal convictions are aggravated burglaries on elderly people as well as possession of weapons.