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Horror: Pet kitten tortured and then killed

A kitten is feared tortured and killed by an anonymous attacker, leaving a north Dublin couple in shock.

Saulius and Nari Sukys from Millmount Avenue in Drumcondra, were heartbroken when they were told by callers that their cat Micukas had been killed.

Just days before, the eight-month-old kitten's front claws were cut out, and his owners believe that the same culprit has now killed their cat.

A distraught Saulius told the Herald: "One day he didn't come home and at 11pm he came home looking very dirty and very hungry. He looked very injured and it looked like someone had cut his nails so something strange happened."

After Saulius and his wife were relieved to get their little kitten back, they suffered another blow when little Micukas went missing last June 30.

The couple who treated their cat "like a kid" became frantic and they put up missing posters all around Drumcondra in an effort to find him.

They received a "very strange" phone call from a woman who told the couple not to look for their kitten any more, while another man rang to say the kitten had been killed on the road.

"My wife and I just cried when we found out. Even though I'm a man I couldn't control myself. It was like we lost a baby. We got her when she was only one month old."


"It shouldn't happen, people killing animals and poisoning them. I never met such an intelligent, beautiful and friendly kitten in my life, she was only eight months."

The husband and wife, who are originally from Lithuania and Cambodia, now firmly believe that someone targeted their cat, and poisoned and tortured him.

"He was very quiet and I knew he was upset when he came back [before he disappeared]. I think he had been poisoned at this stage, and I think that's why she was feeling very lazy and sleeping all day. Usually he was so active. I saw a lot of spit coming out of his mouth but thought he was going to be all right. But then there was so much spit that I understood that something was wrong."

The couple waited three days for their beloved kitten to return.

"We were in panic. We always keep our doors open so he can come back in and there was no reason for her to leave for a long time.

"This was like our kid. We both have lost something big, and I think these people really don't have a heart. This was a member of our family, and I couldn't believe that someone would do something like this."

DSPCA spokeswoman Orla Aungier said: "It's not unusual for people to put down poison for cats. It's something we're aware of. There are people who unfortunately don't like cats and they view them as vermin, which they aren't."