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Horror as van driver dies after steering into dock

A man died after driving a van at speed into Grand Canal Dock close to Dublin's Facebook headquarters last night.

The van was due to be lifted from the water with its dead driver still inside.

Shocked witnesses watched the tragedy at around 10pm.

Despite efforts by Dublin Fire Brigade to reach the driver it was impossible to save him, and his body remained in the water at the internet technologies district, in front of the new Grand Canal Theatre.

Witnesses told gardai that the man had parked his van on the wide pathway at Hanover Quay for some time before deliberately revving the engine, and driving straight into the deep canal basin.

"I arrived just after it happened and there was a girl here in hysterics, she said she had seen the guy just drive straight off the edge and that his van sank," one local resident told the Herald. Witnesses alerted the emergency services, but it was too late.

"Two fireman went into the water and reached the point where the van sank, they could actually stand up on the van and be seen above the water line," the witness said.

Garda sub-aqua divers were due to search the scene this morning.