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Hopes fade for trapped miners

New Zealand's prime minister added today to the deepening sense of gloom about the fate of 29 miners caught up in an underground blast.

John Key said police were planning for the possible loss of life following the massive blast in the mine which is still swirling with toxic gases.

In a further blow to the rescue effort, a remote-controlled robot sent into the mine has broken down.

Drug gives new Alzheimer hope

A common diabetes drug could be redeveloped as a new treatment for Alzheimer's, research suggests.

The drug metformin helps prevent the formation of a key brain abnormality linked to the disease, scientists have found.

Because the drug's safety is already proven it would be relatively easy to turn it into an Alzheimer's treatment.

Lost star to hit London stage

Lost star Matthew Fox is to make his debut on the British stage in the world premiere of a new play by Neil LaBute.

The Hollywood star (44) who played Dr Jack Shephard in the hit show, will tread the boards with British actress Olivia Williams.

A Forest, Dark And Deep, described as a dark comedy of sibling rivalry, will open on The Strand, in London's West End, in March.