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Hook star Colin and Irish pals miss the perks of home

Colin O'Donoghue may be enjoying the perks of fame for his role as Captain Hook in the hit ABC fantasy drama Once Upon A Time, but one drawback of working in the States is missing out on the little things from home . . . and he's not the only one.

Irish actresses Sarah Bolger (Princess Aurora) and Victoria Smurfit (Cruella de Vil) also star in the popular series which marries real life and fairytale characters.

When the trio get together between takes, the conversation usually veers to home.

"We talk about tea bags that we miss from home and different crisps and all that kind of stuff," says Colin.

"Basically, all we talk about is like Barry's tea and Lyon's tea bags and stuff like that but it's great fun having them on set."

Colin (34) previously starred in Fair City, The Clinic and says his eight-minute part in The Tudors was "the start of everything" for him.


"I was in one episode and a casting director, who has now become one of my best friends, Sherry Hernandez, saw me in it and got in touch with me," he told Ryan Tubridy on 2fm.

"She asked if I had representation in America, which I didn't, and she said she'd try and help me out.

"I flew over and got an agent, a pilot for ABC which led to me getting Once Upon a Time."

The hit show is now entering its fifth season and he admits he often gets stopped by fans.

"I do get asked for selfies a lot, the show is popular but you don't notice it when you're working 14-hour days," he said.